Cecilie offers corporate yoga at your office location. This is a bespoke solution, depending on the line of business, facilities, work-life balance demand etc. An interview with your HR department or CEO will need to take place prior to any engagement.

Cecilie is passionate in bringing yoga into the workplace due to her decades as Human Resource Manager/Director in the corporate world. She knows first-hand about the stresses, deadlines and pressures and how it can affect job performance, culture and ROI in a negative way, if not addressed properly. Yoga is one of the tools that will reduce stress and thus sick leave, it will increase job performance, engagement and a healthier work-life balance.  With her HR background, coaching, therapist and yoga teacher, Cecilie is uniquely positioned to bring yoga to the corporate world in a way that will benefit your company.

In todays western society, stress is the cause of many physical, mental and emotional illnesses. The demand to be more productive, perform at a higher standard in a shorter amount of time is increasing, both in our professional- and personal life. Having a regular yoga and meditation practice, will reduce stress both mentally, physically and emotionally.