Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a slow, grounding and relaxing yoga practice. Most postures are held between 10-30 minutes. With the aid of props, such as bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps and sandbags, the aim is to completely relax the body. It requires no effort on the part of the practioner. Staying in the poses for several minutes allows gravity to release tension from the physical body, mind and emotions. Restorative yoga differs from Yin Yoga, in that yin yoga aims to release the connective tissue of the body.

In todays western society, stress is the cause of many physical, mental and emotional illnesses. The demand to be more productive, perform at a higher standard in a shorter amount of time is increasing, both in our professional- and personal life. It occurs for teenagers as well as adults and even pensioners. Stress as a disease is costing society (healthcare system and employers) a ton of money. For the unfortunate persons who suffer from too high stress over too long time, the consequence can be dramatic: autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety,  burnout, loss of job or spouse, digestive disorder and so on.

Both yoga nidra and restorative yoga brings the yogi/yogini (one who practices yoga) into a state of deep relaxation. When the physical, emotional and mental body is completely relaxed it slows down the parasympathetic nervous system thus releasing latent stress and tension from the body.

Most people think they relax while they sleep or even while watching TV on the couch, however unless you are free from both muscular, mental and emotional tensions you are not relaxed.

Cecilie has suffered from burnout and experienced first-hand how yoga nidra and restorative yoga brought her out of long-term sick leave and back to her true self. Cecilie offers yoga nidra and restorative yoga together or as separate classes.